Great white attack

Great White sharks are already here and UK waters are an ideal hunting ground…

Great White sharks are already here and UK waters are an ideal hunting ground, claims expert

Shark Attack Surfers Experiment #extreme, #surfing, #sharks, #videos, #pinsland,

Shark Attack Surfers Experiment #extreme, #surfing, #sharks, #videos, #pinsland,

If you want to lower your chances of being attacked by a great white shark, do not swim alone. Why Do Great White Sharks Attack Humans? - Facts You Need to Know!

Why Do Great White Sharks Attack Humans? Great white sharks are the largest predatory sharks in the ocean, able to grow over 17 feet meters) long.

Great White Shark

I flipped when I turned to this.sharks scares the shit out of meeee

JAWS......In 3D at my Grandma's with those glasses TV Times gave away (poss cause she had colour TV and we didnt)

Second Great White Shark sighting shocks holidaymakers in Cornwall

Ever since I was a child and read the book Jaws and later saw the movie, Ive been fascinated by sharks, especially, the Great White. The media has turned these amazing creatures into monsters. They make you afraid to go into the water, for fear that.

Great White Shark                                                       …

Great White Shark Doesn't this scene remind you of the part in Jaws when the shark tips the boat and has Quint for lunch?

Tourists in False Bay, South Africa, were left amazed when they saw this 12ft shark emerge from the water to catch a seal. But despite being one of the worlds most feared predators, it badly misjudged its attack. The amazing scene was captured by South African wildlife photographer Chris Fallows near Seal Island

Perched on the jaws of death: Moment a seal dodges great white shark...

This picture was taken by South African wildlife photographer Chris Fallows near Seal Island in South Africa. The Great White Shark must be having an off day as he lifted the Seal out of the water on his nose and not his mouth.

"All this. The fucking shark that eats the world." The Circle consumes everything and everyone, and it really scares Ty because he created a monster.

That's one bad fish: Real-life Jaws scenario as short-tempered shark circles photographer's boat for two hours

Stunning shark swimming

The great white shark was added to the endangered list because its population has dropped due to the unregulated trade and excessive hunting.

Pinner says: The Orca is attacking the Great White Shark in the open ocean. I couldn't believe it when I first seen this a few years ago on shark week. This is amazing! #shark #Orca @hpman

Orca whales are specialized in hunting sharks. Even the great white fears them. The orca will ram the shark and flip it over. In that position, the shark is harmless. Now who's the top predator if the seas?

Shark Riders Video #extreme, #sharks, #diving, #riders, #videos, #pinsland,

Gansbaai is a fishing village and popular tourist destination in the Overberg District Municipality, Western Cape, South Africa. It is known for its dense population of Great White Sharks and as a whale-watching location.