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Natalie Grant, "Your Great Name" I can't sing the first part of this song without tears welling up.Jesus is all powerful.

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I have always had an obsession with names. Naming each of my three kiddos was not easy. I certainly lost sleep contemplating just the perfect name combinations. We ended up with a Lorelai Cap…

Why do NPR Reporters Have Such Great Names  By Deirdre Mask for The Atlantic

Why Do NPR Reporters Have Such Great Names?

NPR staffer Susan Stamberg in her office in article about interesting names on NPR

(Natalie Grant - Your great name) Mine and hubs. favorite song they do at our Church 2!{I pray tht as anyone hears these songs they minister to somebody}N luv this vid.Says it all!!!

This is a beautiful worshipsong, performed by Natalie Grant. :) Free online Natalie Grant - Your great name w ecards on Easter

Omg, I LOVE Momo!!! She's so cute and beautiful and a wonderful dancer!!! I finally watched Sixteen and it was great and I actually finally got to learn Twice's names! But I love Momo! She's been the bias since the beginning! I got so attached to her somehow that I cried so hard when she got eliminated in episode 6 even though I KNEW she was going to come back XD Twice fighting!!! :3

Omg, I LOVE Momo! She's so cute and beautiful and a wonderful dancer! I finally watched Sixteen and it was great and I actually finally got to learn Twice's names! But I love Momo!

Questo mese, Enérie vi porta alla scoperta delle diverse tipologie di manica.  tipica delle camicie, è tagliata in genere in un unico pezzo, quasi sempre con spacco in fondo e terminante con polsino. BISHOP: manica lunga tipica per la forma che si allarga verso il polso dove si arriccia ed è trattenuta da un polsino. BELL: more!

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Your Great Name - Natalie Grant (Worship Song with Lyrics)

Natalie Grant - Your Great Name, Album: Love Revolution, Year: 2010 [Your Great Name Lyrics] Lost are saved, find their way At the sound of Your great name A.

Naeialew, looks cool but unpronounceable. >>> anogkak lmao<<< Oebbnian hey that's kinda pronounceable?

is this pronouncable and fantasy-ish, or? <<<< Mine is Lilitael, and it is literally the weirdest this I have ever heard.

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