I will never stop loving you xx I just want to come home now, I miss you Every day and every night. All I think about is you xx

10 Great Love Quotes from Amazing Authors

I will never stop loving you xx I just want to come home now, I miss you Every day and every night. All I think about is you xx

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? : Sonnet XVIII by William Shakespeare

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A Silent Tear - Author Unknown. A collection of religious funeral poems that help guide us in our grieving. Curated by Memory Press, creators of beautiful, uplifting, and memorable funeral programs

Even though you were not old when you passed, you were an "old soul" and are greatly missed by all who knew you. What a gift from God you were.

That is... A great sight of seeing this compliment

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To sleep! perchance to dream.....Cliche or not, I love this.

The most infamous of Hamlet's speech is this particular soliloquy.This was a decision we had both contemplated for much time though during separate occasions. This soliloquy exaggerates Hamlet's confusion and indecisiveness in the story as he goes over ev

This is our ultimate collection of the best Christian wedding poems for inspiration and recitation. Read these beautiful poems, and submit your own.

United Hearts God has brought you here together To be united in His love, Joined in Holy Matrimony With faith in God above Let your faith g.

'IF' by Rudyard Kipling. This was in my home when I was growing up. It was actually a helpful poem to read.

‘IF’ by Rudyard Kipling sung by Joni Mitchell and recited by Dennis Hopper

Haven't seen this poem in forever! We all had to memorize and recite this to our English teacher in high school as part of extra credit. (and i actually memorized it) lol Blast from the past!

I love this poem as I love all of Erin Hanson's poems. They are all so good with such great messages.

Just my shadow in me but for. You worry I'll make sure to tie double knots when your world unravels I'll always be around even if you keep walking-sb

We love you so much Zephyr and though our time with you was far too short we are so grateful for the time we did have with you. Our precious little gift from God how we miss and love you so you are our beautiful little boy forever loved and greatly missed; we wish that you were still here!!! Many XOXOXO's to you in heaven above! We look forward to the day we can be a family again.

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