The Great Grey Owl does not have ear tufts and has the largest facial disc of any raptor.

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Great gray owl. NICOLAE'S brother Vikirnoff, keeps the form of an owl most the time because he is so close to turning vampire. Introduced in Dark Destiny

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Great Grey in Cattails by Rick Dobson Great Grey Owl hunting along the rivers edge on a snowy day

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Great Grey Owl - by Rick Dobson♦ A large, reclusive predator. Plunge marks in the snow are usually the only evidence for its presence. Distinctive extra-large facial disks direct sound to feather covered ear openings, providing super-sensitive hearing. This enables the great grey owl to accurately locate prey, even under two feet of snow or in a tunnel. With soft feathers, it can glide unheard from its perch to dispatch an unfortunate rodent with its sharp talons. (Look at those feet!)

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Bird Stack - Saw-whet owl, gray and rufous morph screech owls, hawk owl, barn owl, barred owl, snowy owl, great grey owl, and eagle owl; birds of the order strigiformes!

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