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The Factions at the Bookstore. Divergent funny. I feel like Erudite would actually be like, "Excuse me, how much can I get for the entire store?"

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I have to say, this makes me wish that the whole #Divergent world is real... Who cares about jumping off a building if you could be Dauntless?

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Rufous-Backed Kingfishe~.~ Our campaign ends in 18 days. You can have 5 bird biscuits packs for one in year delivered to you home by just contributing £25 here: #Birds #Food

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Divergent - FourTris (No war) - 13

My OTP. Finally, I have found you. Oh the joy in my heart. I have finally found you. My OTP. (I should make this into a song! Comment if you think I should)

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Divergent Travelers Travel Guide, With Tips And Hints To The Philippines . This is your ultimate travel cheat sheet to the Philippines. Click to see our full Philippines Travel Guide from the Divergent Travelers Adventure Travel Blog and also read about all of the different adventures you can have in the Philippines at

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TMI - Clary Fray | Harry Potter | The Hunger Games - Katniss Everdeen | Divergent - Tris Prior | Percy Jackson | TFIOS - Hazel Lancaster | Fandoms

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Adele' s someone like you lyrics that will make you think ; great I really needed my heart breaking today ;)

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i did the last one in the theatre, i was all like "EVERYONE DIES including the main charaters!" because theyre probably all pansycakes anyways, lol

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