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The Queen's diamond jubilee: day one – in pictures

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I found this gorgeous geological map of Great Britain yesterday, I love the internet.

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Queen Elizabeth the great

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Fish seller from a great set of photos of central #London in the early 20th C.

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London underground in the 1890s. Most people don’t realize how abundant advertisements were in 19th century London. This photograph is a great example of why the Victorian era was considered the beginning of modernity.

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The great myth of urban Britain

This is how the UK and Ireland look at night - photo taken from 230 miles above, in space, by an astronaut!

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The Kray Brothers, 1965 Ph David Bailey

The element of this photo that makes it so remarkable is that it features the Kray twins, who were renowned criminals in Britain (hence why they were once dubbed 'the most dangerous people in Britain').

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St. Pancras station, Camden, Inner City of London, London, England, Great Britain, United Kingdom.

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The interior of the crystal palace showing all forms of art and architecture from around the world.

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Jessica Ennis of Great Britain competes in the women's Heptathlon 200m on Day 7 of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

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