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Open shelves are a great way to show off personal displays. Love the built in woodburner. Designed by Edwina and Marc Boase

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The Irish name for the great auk is 'falcóg mhór'. The Basque name is arponaz, meaning "spearbill". Its early French name was apponatz. The Norse called the great auk geirfugl, which led to an alternative English common name for the bird, "garefowl"/ "gairfowl". The Inuit name for the great auk was isarukitsok. The word "penguin" first appears in the 16th century as a synonym for "great auk." It may be derived from the Welsh pen gwyn "white head", although the etymology is debated.

A summer great auk is stuffed and placed upon a wooden block, looking right. Once numbering in the 10's of thousands, perhaps millions, they were hunted to extinction in the mid 19th century.

London's Camden Town Five Ways Junction, 1920s.where my great grandfather had his tailoring business. #marilynmoore#cashmere ....we have come a long way!!

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Extinct Birds - Great Auk - Pin

Extinct Birds Great Auk Pin by LilaRubyKingShop on Etsy, $19.00

Marquee Lighted Sign Letters Metal Steel........... A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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Gemstone Lariat, Gemstone Y Necklace, Agate Gemstone Necklace, Agate Lariat/YNecklace, Handmade Y Necklace, Designer Lariat, Scotland, U.K

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