I'm actually laughing so hard at this idek why

My Christmas was very Ethan, I mean extra, sorry, autocorrect 😂😜

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ಌDolan Twins Imaginesಌ - ಌWadaಌ

Read ಌWadaಌ from the story ಌDolan Twins Imaginesಌ by Tabithaxxx (♚dolanqυeen♚) with reads. ethandolan, imagine, e.

20. Dolan twins. | 20 Hottest Guys From YouTube

20 Hottest Guys From YouTube.

Grayson) hey I am Grayson // Ethan) hi I am Ethan // Grayson) we are both 19 and single. Ethan) he is my twin.but I am hotter Grayson) Nope! Ethan) we are addicted to drinking and girls!

I saw a sasqouch in those woods..... And i was showing him my Pokemon collection...

Dolan Twins Vine "I saw a sasqouch in those woods. And i was showing him my Pokemon collection.

Grayson Dolan shirtless body as seen in 2016...

Grayson Dolan Height Weight Body Statistics

dolanslife:Underwear Grayson Okay… i was pretty good… but…i’m not any more…

Funny Dolan Twins | Ethan And Grayson Dolan Imagines

Meeting Ethan at Playlist - Requested A/N: I’ve never been so Playlist, so I honestly have no clue how it works. - You were on your way to Playlist with your best friend because your mom had gotten.

This is so true omg. Whenever I'm watching one of their videos with one of my friends (I force them to watch them) they Always ask who's who and I'm like "it's really not that hard to tell the difference" and they look at my funny and I'm like "what?" Lol I'm so weird

The only reason my friends know the difference is because I have it drilled into their heads

You have to like funny Grayson before you like cute Grayson

so true. He is so silly curious and hilarious. He really brightens my world each day. (his looks are just a bonus 😉)