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Gray Whale, Minke Whale, Humpback Whale, Blue Whale, etc. Vintage 1984 Fish Book Plate

Rescued from a much loved and read reference book on animals is this vintage 1984 book plate featuring the following fish: Gray Whale, Minke

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SPEAK OUT! Tell Sakhalin Energy to Halt its Oil Exploration Plans in the Gray Whale Habitat! Sakhalin Energy plans to build an oil platform by the feeding grounds of the Western gray whale, threatening their survival! JUST SAY NO! PLZ Sign Share!

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justin hofman wildlife photography | Delighted tourist gets a kiss from a 30-tonne gray whale

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Une baleine grise meurt en nous apportant un message

Baleine : Une baleine grise meurt en nous apportant un message, avec l’estomac rempli de sacs poubelle en plastique et la baleine est morte.

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whales are my favourite mammal, they just make me realize how amazing this world really is.

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