☆ Star Catcher and   Shooting Star ☆

gravity falls colors blue gold composition portrait ☆ Star Catcher and Shooting Star ☆

I dont know witch board should i pin this...HAALPPP!!!!

Fantastic Creatures and Where to find them (Gravity Falls edition)

Gravity Falls,фэндомы,GF Арт,GF art,Mabel Pines,GF Персонажи,Waddles

sabertoothwalrus: “ drawing of Mabel and Waddles from school today I need to draw her with this fat sausage more often ”

Art by casanovakevin — Gravity Falls, Mabel

omg do you think galaxy hair is possible in real life I need to try once my hair is more grown Gravity Falls, Mabel

Markmak makes the best Gravity Falls fan art

Markmak makes the best Gravity Falls fan art

The Pawns by markmak on DeviantArt: You may be a couple moves to checkmate, but is it worth the fate of your family?

Into The Unknown

Into The Unknown

g-f-fanart: “ kinseis: “ Since it’s the twins’ birthday today, I thought it’d be the right time to unveil this picture! I painted this for the cover of the :> ” mabel pines,dipper pines ”

Gravity Falls! by Mistrel-Fox on deviantART I This is actually really good.

Mable is literally me in a cartoon. We even look the same. I was wearing sweater the other day and I was fangirling and one of my friends said that i reminded her of mable right to the ugly sweater. I told it it wasnt ugly, IT WAS GLITTERFULL!

Gravity Falls Stuff 2 by sharkie19 on DeviantArt

Some Gravity Falls. Geez, I need to quit drawing Mermando, but he the best. I also tried drawing Soos, Wendy. I also tried drawing Stan, but he wasn't as lucky.

gravity falls fan art - Pesquisa Google

life-writer: a not so little dipper (●´□`)♡ Oh well marry me <<< Did anyone else notice his tattoo?<<<Yes, and now I want that tattoo XD


The origin of Bill Cipher by markmak on DeviantArt aww poor Bill!

I WOULD LET THIS DIPPER DO ANYTHING TO ME ❤️❤️❤️❤️why can't anyone be like dipper

Dipper has finally returned to gravity falls along with Mabel Dipper… Fanfiction YOU WERE NOT GIVEN PERMISSION TO GROW UP<< yo what is this fanfic seems interesting.<<<< why aren't we appreciating how hOt Dipper is and his freckles like wOW