I mean... he wouldn't be that bad of a president

he wouldn't be that bad of a president <--- Better than our current options, and hey, why not live a little?

This is a picture from the deep end (gravity falls). Gravity Falls might seem like just a cartoon,but it is full of secrets you should watch it is a great show!:)

In Gravity Falls, you will never be truly alone. even if you are stuck in a pool filter<<<ahem. it's solitary pool jail DUH

This is probably exactly what happened.<<<< I thought he sneezed XD

* slams the table* you're in!<<<<I wonder how his audition really did go?

I'd fucking date you Wendy. You don't have to pretend to be a guy. BECAUSE I'M A BISEXUAL BUTTERFLYYYY

This is my favorite thing because this is accurately how I thought boys acted