My parents have this in their bathroom in a gold frame and I have always, always loved it.  It fits pretty much not at all with everything else I love, but I still think it's awesome.  Grant Wood, "Stone City".

IMAGES: Gay Meaning in the Art of Grant Wood

landscapemode: “ Grant Wood (American, Stone City, Iowa , 1930 oil on wood panel, x x cm ”

grant wood painting of sister with chicken | Grant Wood - a Re-Disovered Appreciation...For art lovers.........there is a fascinating article on this painting and brief things about his life........SMITHSION

1930 Grant Wood (American regionalist artist, American Gothic (the artist's sister) One of America's leading Regionalist .

Cette peinture fameuse nommé le "American Gothic" ne fait penser à la partie dans le livre quand la tribu ont donné l'assaut à la cathédrale pour délivrer la fille. Le livre dit, "Quand minuit sonne, tous les truands, hommes, femmes et enfants, armés de fourches, de bâtons et de faux, se mettent en marche vers la cathédrale."  Pg. 65- chapitre 8- L'assaut à la cathédrale

Fascinating Facts About Ten Famous Paintings

ORIGINAL Grant WOOD (American, 'American Gothic' 1930 oil on beaver board 78 x cm Friends of American Art Collection, Collection of The Art Institute of Chicago

ART & ARTISTS: Grant Wood – Part 2 1942 Spring in Town oil on masonite 66 x 54.6 cm Sheldon Swope Gallery, Terre Haute, Indiana *notes

Grant Wood: Spring in Town, 1942 “Wood’s previous biographers have turned a blind eye to the demonstrable fact that he was a deeply closeted homosexual. Evans documents the always-chubby Wood’s.

Grant Wood Birthplace of Herbert Hoover, detail    In this painting Grant Wood’s agent is pointing at the actual landscape he was supposed to be rendering.

lyghtmylife: “ Grant Wood [American Regionalist Painter, The Birthplace of Herbert Hoover, 1931 oil on canvas ”

Grant Wood, 'Spring in the Country', (1941).  Mr. Wood's style is so distinctive!  His subjects have a solidness & substance to them.  The composition is deceptive - it looks simplistic and somewhat sparse.  Much more complex than it appears!  I like it for it's uniqueness!

Grant Wood (American, Spring in the Country, Oil on cardboard. Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, Iowa.