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The Grand Trunk Road - An Indian Food Expedition at Moti Mahal Covent Garden

from London Unattached - London Lifestyle, food and Travel

Moti Mahal Covent Garden London - the Grand Trunk Road series,

Over 100,000 tonnes of used clothing is imported into India every year for recycling. Every day, truck loads of imported clothing bales are driven from India's ports up the Grand Trunk Road to Panipat, north of Delhi.


The Buffalo Creek was a terminal railroad in Buffalo, NY that was controlled by the Lehigh Valley and Erie roads, and became part of Conrail. It served a lot of grain elevators and connected with a lot of class 1s: Conrail, C&O, B&O, Grand Trunk, D&H and Norfolk and Western. The BCK was only 5.73 miles of road but had 1,240 boxcars, all 40', mostly general purpose but 247 classed as XF (interior epoxy coating to decrease contamination of loads like grain or flour).