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ROHTAS FORT, Pakistan: was built for the Afghan king Sher Shah Suri as part of his invasion of the Mughal Empire about 1540. The fort lies on the historic Grand Trunk Road between the mountains of Afghanistan & the plains of Punjab. Sher Shah Suri was also responsible for rehabilitating the road which had fallen into disrepair since the ancient Buddhist Maurya dynasty.

Along The Grand Trunk Road: Coming Of Age In India And Pakistan

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heart 1 | 0W6A8811 | TOMB OF DAYE ANGA GRAND TRUNK ROAD LAHORE PUNJAB PAKISTAN Born as Zeb-un-Nisa, Dai Anga (Urdu: دائی انگہ), was the wet-nurse of the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan. Her family was closely associated with the Mughal empire. Her husband Murad Khan served in the court of Emperor Jahangir as Magistrate of Bikaner, and her son Muhammad Rashid Khan, was the best archers in the kingdom, and died fighting in the service of Shah Jahan's eldest son Dara Shikoh. She… | 0W6A8297 | RAILWAY STATION LAHORE PUNJAB PAKISTAN Lahore Junction railway station (Urdu: لاہور جنکشن ریلوے اسٹیشن‎), (Punjabi: لہور جنکشن ریلوے اسٹیشن) is the primary railway station and intercity transportation facility in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It is located at the junction between Circular Road and Allama Iqbal Road and bounded on the north side by the old Grand Trunk Road. The station building is owned by Pakistan Railways and also serves as its… | 0W6A8845 | Gurudwara Bhai Buddhu Da Awa, Lahore Punjab Pakistan This shrine is located on the Lahore-Amritsar (Grand Trunk) road facing the Engineering University. It is said that Bhai Buddhu, a devotee of Guru had started a brick kiln, bug the bricks of his kiln could not be fully backed due to a curse spelled by Bhai Kamlia. Bhai Buddhu prayed to Guru Arjun Dev "Sacchay Patshah bless me!" Guru Dev Ji told him that the curse of a Sikh is final but added ...

Along The Grand Trunk Road

Along the Grand Trunk Road, a fantastic series from NPR following the road connecting Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Bookmark and read this, you'll all love it!

Stone causeway of Grand Trunk road discovered in Bihar - According to historians, the Uttarpath was reconstructed during Sher Shah Suri's reign in the 16th century from present-day Afghanistan to Bangladesh and was renamed GT road by the Britishers in the 17th century.

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India - Sometimes you don't have to make any effort at all to connect with the locals. This photo from my student backpacking days on The Grand Trunk Road across Pakistan and India is typical: all you have to do is pause for a moment to be surrounded by people wishing to try their few words of English on you

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