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Grand Coulee Dam Under Construction

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View of Bridge Overlooking Town

The first picture of the area directly below Grand Coulee Dam from the Columbia River Reservoir is shown. The Bureau of Reclamation's model town is in the arch of one of the 11 bridges surmounting the wide spillway. A waterfall 350 feet high and 1650 feet wide will glide over the concrete midsection of the dam next year. Big million pound gates will rise 28 feet from their present open position in concrete recesses to provide additional storage in the reservoir.

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Workman Operating Levers

Control man. In his cab, with many levers and brakes, this operator controls the drums for the accurate placing of steel members, some weighing 38 tons, of the new construction trestle at Grand Coulee Dam, being built by the Bureau of Reclamation on the Columbia River, Washington.

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Details about 1952 Press Photo Ira Beck, machinist for Bureau of Reclamation- Grand Coulee Dam


Construction scene, Grand Coulee Third Power Plant

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CSM Photo Archive 2012

An employee uses a bicycle to circulate the vast spaces of the Grand Coulee dam on August 9, 2016 in Grand Coulee, Washington. The Grand Coulee dam, on the Columbia river, is the country's largest hydropower producer.

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Grand Coulee Dam Being Constructed

A steel penstock to line an artery leading to the power plant at Grand Coulee Dam. This great structure, four-fifths of a mile across the Columbia River, will provide irrigation water for 1,200,000 fertile dry acres, and will utilize the falling water which passes the dam to generate electricity. Note the 'Vista house' on the west bank, from which a half-million persons a year view the construction of this dam.

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Workers Changing Shifts at Coulee Dam

A new shift goes to work at Grand Coulee Dam. It happened three times every 24 hours during the last 7 years. Peak employment was reached in June 1937 with 7,455 men on the job, the average wage 83 to 90 cents an hour. Here's part of what they did: Excavated and removed 40 million tons of earth and rock; excavated, washed, graded, stored and mixed, or discarded 50,000,000 tons of sand and gravel; built two small towns, one the permanent government camp, one for the contractor's forces…

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Grand Coulee Dam at Night

Floodlights illuminate the Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River at night. | Location: Washington, USA.

Construction workers at the Third Powerplant, Grand Coulee Dam