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So, Timothy Zahn's new canon Thrawn book come's out today and this is my fanart of the Imperial Navy's finest, most brilliant tactical mind. Just in time for Star Wars Celebration 2017 too;

Star Wars: TCG - Grand Admiral Thrawn by AnthonyFoti on @DeviantArt

Star Wars - Grand Admiral Thrawn (Now canon in the Star Wars: Rebels TV series!

Thrawn's creator gives hints about the character's emergence in a new book and Star Wars Rebels...

As revealed at Star Wars Celebration Europe, the legendary Grand Admiral Thrawn will be appearing in season three of Star Wars Rebels, and in a new novel, penned by Timothy.

"we will protect you home world. Report any rebel activity in the outer rim."

Grand Aldmiral Thrawn and his creator, Timothy Zahn. It's written in aurebesh: "We will protect your home world. Report any rebel activity in the Outer . We Will Protect Your Home World

Grand Admiral Thrawn and Captain Pellaeon aboard the Chimaera.

Grand Admiral Thrawn, the most interesting and capable antagonist that the Star Wars EU has ever produced. No doubt a sad casualty of the Disney buyout. Artwork by Chris Trevas

Put 'em up, Grand Admiral

'Star Wars Rebels' finale: Watch Thrawn throw down


Grand Admiral Thrawn Created by Theo Patterson


"Grand Admiral Thrawn, working hard to keep his Sith Mauraders and Jedi Counsulars away from the other, each with missions in distant parts of the galaxy achieving, Thrawn's mix of chaos and order.

Grand Admiral Thrawn

Grand Admiral Thrawn