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Baked yoghurt with poached rhubarb and confit orange

Graham Hornigold's stunning baked yoghurt recipe is topped with tender sous vide poached rhubarb, confit orange and Chantilly cream. The yoghurt is sweetened with vanilla, cream and condensed milk before being baked gently until set.

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Lavender and honey macarons

Pastry chef Graham Hornigold's fragrant lavender and almond macaron recipe features a wonderful combination of floral lavender and sweet honey in a rich chocolate ganache filling.

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Poached peach and almond pain perdu

Graham Hornigold's pain perdu recipe is an elegant spin on the French toast classic, pairing perfectly poached sous vide peaches alongside a gooey peach caramel, fresh raspberries and golden pain perdu.

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Rum-poached pineapple with coconut lime sorbet

Graham Hornigold's sous vide recipe combines rum-poached pineapple and a zesty lime and coconut sorbet in a fantastic tropical dessert.

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Lemon and sesame tart

Graham Hornigold's lemon tart recipe is paired with a wonderfully refreshing lemon ice cream, Italian and French meringues for contrasting texture and a hint of sesame.

Crunchie macarons

Get that Friday feeling with Graham Hornigold's Crunchie macarons - a playful…

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Crunchie macarons

How to make Crunchie Macarons - Graham Hornigold

Jaffa Cake macarons

Graham Hornigold pays homage to the classic Jaffa Cake, in the form of beautifully made macarons

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