Art History- I love how they've used the imagery from an old art history book and made it about graffiti and street art.

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The Dada movement claimed to be anti-art and had a strong negative and destructive element. Rejecting all tradition, they sought complete freedom. Dada quickly spread from Zurich to other European cities. Dada artists claimed to have invented photomontage.

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Commenting on his photography 4 the Black Panther Movement in the UK, photographer Neil Kenlock recalls “Pple were calling us all sorts of names in the streets & painting graffiti everywhere. In school, there was no black history...If you asked the teachers where black people came from, they would say: ‘Somewhere in Africa, up a tree,’ & that’s it. So w/ the Black Panther movement we had educational classes, public meeting & lectures."

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Graffiti history - Crash, Daze, Dondi, Zephyr, Revolt, Kase2, Skeme, Haze and Seen

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Graffiti by Swatch, great resource for a lesson on graffiti


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