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This Week In Pictures - 22/04/13

Suki Waterhouse models French Connection. I like the contrasting background here to bring out the white outfit. I also like the bright lighting, I prefer less moody shots as I feel it shows off the outfits more. I also like that the only shadow is hers. The picture has a very light and easy feeling to it with the only mood being brought in by Suki's facial expression. I think a soft box has been used due to the softness of her skin and shadow.

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Adventure Holiday Funds Saving Money Box Frame

Adventure Holiday Funds Saving Money Box Frame by TheGuestbookCo

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beach ballerina FOUND HER!!!!! :D BOY...if you see something you just love on here, better pin it RIGHT after your done pinning Then you have that website saved too. Those little boxes catch me every time after a pin.. OR, I go to the website and get lost in it and their links.:p

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This would make such a cute display if you made more for each life event, like graduations and births!!

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Wall Christmas Tree Ideas - Top 20 for 2012

I have seen this lovely Heart Christmas Tree on many blogs and websites, but I cannot tell where the original came from. If you know, please comment so I can give proper credit.

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