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Make a Custom Desk Organizer

This could be very useful once the kids learn how to use it, however, I know that I would want more than just a few little boxes and I don't know that putting them on the wall would be the best idea because then you have to worry about whether or not you are using strong enough card stock that will hold to the wall while keeping the papers from not spilling all over the floor.


Freebie! These original lyrics, sung to "Old McDonald", will help your students learn how to tell time. Enjoy!


Tricks of the Trade Thursdays: Teacher Desk Organization

I HATE clutter, and paper all over teachers' desks is one of my pet peeves. I essentially already do this with manila folders, but I like this, too!

Classroom Organization: Tips and Tricks

Classroom Organization: Tips and Tricks - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Copy, Laminate, Scholastic Reading Club, Extras, and a blank label. I use this blank label or 10th tub for emergency sub plans.


To Do Drawers - Owl Themed


KVISSLE Letter tray, white

KVISSLE Letter tray - IKEA; I have an organization idea for my office: 3 of these, one for Inbox, one for action, one for outbox. Inbox: to sort, to grade, to read. Action: to file, to record, to copy. Outbox: to send, to take, to return, to deliver. One slot for each class section, and th bottom one for othr academic stuff: service, writing, teaching prep