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Differentiating Your Classroom with Ease (The Brown-Bag Teacher)

Over the last year, my school and team have taught me so much about differentiating. In 5th grade, I so struggled with this and when I differentiated I was moving mountains. But really - I felt like I

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Even the most colorful, artistic of bulletin boards will lose their luster if they are one-sided and don't invite interaction. Let's look at some fun, thought-provoking boards with a...

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Nice display idea - make a fraction quilt from squares investigating different ways of making a given fraction

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Newell's Nook features this colorful poster with the acronym MATH: Mistakes Allow Thinking to Happen. It is a tool for teachers who teach growth mindset in their classrooms and support students in seeing the power of mistakes in the learning process. It's a reminder that all mathematical thinking is valuable and can help us learn!

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Grade 5 questions on Fractions, each downgraded to a grade 3/4 question, thanks to the bar method. Singapore math

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Roll-a-Number: Tens & Ones Place Value Activity (W/ SMARTNOTEBOOK VERSION!!)


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