I never knew olives could talk...<<<<Ah yes it is a very rare and unknown talent to speak olivese

"We're making olive oil! Imagine Athena's face when those two destroy all the olive trees in Olympus. >> Haha I'm laughing really hard !

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43 Fabulous Ways To Live Life Like Jack McFarland. I can never decide if I aspire to be ore like Jack or Karen?

43 Fabulous Ways To Live Life Like Jack McFarland

I actually feel the spirit of Britney in the room ! - Jack McFarland - Will & Grace

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Jason from the story PJO Funny Memes by Jxll_Rxgxlx (Mrs. Leo Valdez) with 137 reads. Obviously Percy won!

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Lol not Jason Grace. Aww I can just imagine baby Jason chewing on a stapler then accidentally stapling his lip. He would cry and Thalia would come rushing in, really concerned. She would ask her mom to take them to the hospital.

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Funny pictures about Seriously. am I? Oh, and cool pics about Seriously. am I? Also, Seriously. am I?

Three days grace isn't the same without Adam :(

25 Ways to Travel Cheap

This is so true. Even playing the ghost of a psychotic murderer, he is still completely full-body-lick-worthy.<-- i didn't write that but i have to agree :)