Discover Canada (Government of Canada site)-"The arrival of European traders, missionaries, soldiers and colonists changed the native way of life forever. Large numbers of Aboriginals died of European diseases to which they lacked immunity. However, Aboriginals and Europeans formed strong economic, religious and military bonds in the first 200 years of coexistence which laid the foundations of Canada." (**You may also listen to this chapter or download an MP3 of it.)

Did you know that Canada's new Anti-Spam Legisation — Canada's Law on Spam and Other Electronic Threats — comes into effect on July 1, 2014. This site from the Government of Canada is very informative. Read through it carefully. Be sure to take a look at the Mobile Protection Toolbox; then take the Fight Spam Quiz.

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First Nations in Canada (Government of Canada site)- provides background information for educators spanning from Pre-Contact to present day.

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The Library of Parliament in Ottawa, Canada, serves as the primary research library for the Parliament of Canada. According to the Government of Canada's website, exactly 40 years after its completion, a fire destroyed most of the parliament building— with the exception of the library. And thanks to the fireproof materials used in its construction, the historical government documents were preserved.

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Canada site This project has been supported by the Canadian Studies Program, Canadian Heritage: the opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of the Government of Canada..

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