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NASA, Nazi, Eugenics, Planned Parenthood, IBM, Holocaust, Union Bank, Bush & Hitler !!!

Fluoride is the ionic form of fluorine. That would be like saying carbon monoxide contains oxygen. Yes oxygen forms part of the carbon monoxide molecule but carbon monoxide does not have the properties of oxygen. Try breathing only carbon monoxide.

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A 1911 ad offering former reservation land for sale. Most of the "allotted Indian land" sold the previous year (1910) was Sioux land.

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Yorkshire, England- England May be viewed as cold, wet and dreary but it is a country with areas of outstanding beauty. Sadly, the English countryside is being ripped up by property developers and the government who do little to try and preserve this once beautiful country.

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Burano , Italy...My favorite place in Italy!!! My daughter and I roamed around like we lived there.

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VIDEO Independent Resources Plc Interview with CEO Greg Coleman Risked and Un-risked value of 424p & 133p respective - - #IRG

What can you do? Oh, you can stop paying taxes, which will give the government the ability to take the property you've already bought (yes, you pay the government rent on property you own), or you can start electing officials that give a damn.

Capt. Russell Peck, Chief Executive Officer Strat Aero plc - - #Strat_Aero

Detail of alabaster boat model with ibexes from tomb of Tutankhamun In the middle of the tank is a support on which rests a boat adorned on prow and stern with ibex heads with real horns and pierced ears. The boat is occupied by a shrine in front of which is a servant girl holding a lotus. At the stern a female dwarf stands holding a sounding pole. Both are symbols of solar rebirth. | Located in: Egyptian Museum, Cairo.

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