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DO NOT SKIP- RINOS & democrats answer to NWO. All Americans and most especially Texans should be outraged!!!!!! THE ATTENDEES - Mitt Romney & Lt Gov of TX. This was before Dewhurst announced he was running for the RINO Kay Bailey Hutchinson's senate seat this link from 2nd link

module 1 payroll taxes and federal income tax withholding are a good on-line tutorial for understanding payroll tax deductions

2 taxes publications 96-259.pdf

Tax laws for Self-employed. Research more into Caregivers and Private nurses as employees.

Delaware County superintendents riled by list of low-achieving schools -

from Fox News

New Challenge For Healthcare.Gov: Tax Forms

New #challenge for Tax forms.

New challenge for Tax forms

Understanding Taxes~ IRS site accesses all the great educational content found in the Understanding Taxes program on the Internet! This online version includes detailed lesson plans, interactive activities, simulations, and more!


Congress, Obama get paid in a government shutdown

Congress, Obama get paid in a government shutdown I don't understand one bit, if the government is shutdown, which means no authoritative behavior..meaning no taxes and no laws. That being said who are paying these people still. Where is the money coming from. I haven't bought anything today but the federal gov tax, I will not pay as it doesn't exist .Americans we are now at freedom for real and we should finalize where this needs to be going in a positive manner for the American people

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