Long hair man alternative model boy man Long hair man alternative model boy man

Thrifted In Copenhaguen Edward Scissor Hands Black Cotton T Shirt, Thrifted Vintage Theater Jewel, April 77 Black Cotton Skinny Jeans, Christmas Market London Weird Bracelet

194 years old. He had adjusted his style to look more modern. He died from consuming a lot of bad chemicals when he was He likes watching people, cats and the color pink.

He knows he is attractive                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Inspiration for Zak, the hot tattoo artist new in town "Road of No Return"

The Propaganda archives

John Koviak of London After Midnight strikes a pious pose. Born in Poland and raised in Southern California, he was Propaganda’s supermodel. This photo appears in Propaganda Issue No. (Photo by Fred H.

When You Want Gothic Jewelry, We Have The Tips You Need. Photo by shinycatcreations There is a lot more to owning gothic jewelry than being flashy and spending extravagant amounts of money.