Meu amor. Amo essas pintinhas q ele tem no olho

urbanlike, jinyoung jb urbanlike magazine, urbanlike magazine 2016 comeback, ideal type >>> this willl be the base for my next drawing :)

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34 Times JB Looked Beautiful And All He's Doing Is Breathing — Koreaboo

got7, JB, and jaebum image

JB, and jaebum image Youngjae quem deve ter tirado essa foto

GOT7 | JB | obviously trying to murder people with that gorgeous smile                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

I heard he has a back problem? That he didn't join the latest concert. Hope you get healthier soon~

My first thought.. "Cool... his DNA is ALL over that window now..."

JB transformation from cool to dork~

JB transformation from cool to dork~ OMG I fcking love him