Meu amor. Amo essas pintinhas q ele tem no olho

urbanlike, jinyoung jb urbanlike magazine, urbanlike magazine 2016 comeback, ideal type >>> this willl be the base for my next drawing :)

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Gosh. I need a whole video of this moment, or at least a gif of it. Someone pleaseeee help me find it lol.

SUGA haha he is sooo cute no matter what love and Hts

ISAC 2016 fanaccount; jungkook is so cute haha

jungkook is so cute haha <<< ikr I love him so much lmao

i really hope these boys are getting enough rest, they do so much for us already, the last thing i'd want is for them to feel/be unhealthy ❤️

I shall move to south korea and become a hair stylist :)

(BTS) SUMMER PACKAGE 2016 썸머패키지 2016

(BTS) SUMMER PACKAGE 2016 썸머패키지 2016

GOT7 Jackson GQ Magazine September 2015 Photoshoot Fashion

Jackson exuded some manly charms for the September issue of 'GQ Korea.' Not only did Jackson show off all his manliness, but he also was…

Thank you new generation! Thank you Kookie! #Jungkook #BTS

that's so cute, also preach for the guy who asked him in the first place that's a big thing to do