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Mixed Media Photography by Aliza Razell                                               I got Dragon Wings

Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Bookends

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In Finnish folklore, Ajatar (also known as Ajattara or Ajattaro) is an evil female spirit of the forest, “the devil of the woods”. She has many forms and depending on the description, she’s said to be a witch, a ghost, a snake or a dragon. Ajatar spreads diseases and plague and anyone who looks at her becomes sick. It was believed that Ajatar was the reason why people got lost in the woods and her name is probably derived from the Finnish word ajattaa; ‘to lead’, ‘to pursue’.

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Quirky Things to Do on New Zealand’s North Island

Quirky Things to Do on New Zealand's North Island Been there, done it, got the T-shirt! THE GREEN DRAGON at HOBBITON :D

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Posters: Greg Opalinski's Mother of Dragons

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Doug Richard: How to find out if your product will sell -

If you've got an idea for a new product, how do you test to see if there is a market or demand for it without investing lots of money. Former Dragon's Den investor and creative business expert Doug Richard reveals all. #sellertips #tips

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Sherlock S04 EP02 "The Lying Detective". Season 4.

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44 Gifts For the Game of Thrones Fan

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