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Harvard Theological Studies: Mary Magdalene, the First Apostle : The Struggle for Authority 51 by Ann Graham Brock Paperback)

The Gospel of Mary of Magdala: Jesus and the First Woman Apostle by Karen King

Gnostic Society Library: The Lost Gospels (BBC Documentary)

Fragment of The Gospel of Mary Magdalene...

The Gospel of Mary was discovered in a Cairo bazaar in If the gospel is genuine, then Mary Magdalene had a crucial role in the rise of Christianity.

Ancient Abraxas Gem -- c. 300 AD

The Acts of John - The Gnostic Society Library; our text also contain two extraordinary mystical sections which are in character distinct from the rest of the document. The first reco.

Excerpt from "The Gospel of Mary of Magdala" by Karen L. King:

Excerpt from "The Gospel of Mary of Magdala" by Karen L.

Gospel of Mary - Wikipedia

Gospel of Mary - Wikipedia

The Gospel of Mary Magdalene

Unfortunately the surviving manuscript of the Gospel of Mary is missing pages 1 to 6 and pages 11 to 14 -- pages that included sections of the text up to cha.