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These messed up Disney Princesses are what you need to be for Halloween

Makeup artist Shonagh Scott reimagined your favourite Disney princesses as victims of tragic events that were inspired by the original story lines. If that sounds creepy, that's because it is, but Halloween is creepy too, so it all kind of makes sense. Got to give it to her though: Her princess transformations are pretty spot-on and the gory makeup is disturbingly believable too.

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Halloween Makeup, Halloween Masks & Special Effects Prosthetics :: Half Bite Prosthetic - special fx

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I love this pin! It looks so realistic! Its bloody and gory without being over the top-its believable. Half human half zombie! Amazing!

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heart 16 Gross & Gory 'Chelsea smile' Halloween Tutorial

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Special Effects and Body Painting by Julie Tattam, gory bloody halloween makeup

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Horror Photography That Will Give You Nightmares! - Design Mash

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Pixie - Body & Face Painter |

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Jenna Fifi: 'Freak Show' Halloween Makeup Tutorial and Costume

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Animal Attack Prosthetic from Nimba Creations; The perfect prosthetic to simulate a zombie or werewolf attack. This gory open wound shows torn flesh, muscle, fat and even bone as the wound penetrates right down to the skull!; $42.64

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Gory Halloween makeup look - Clown