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On the second full-length Gorillaz outing, DEMON DAYS, mastermind Damon Albarn (Blur) parts company with Dan the Automator and opts for a collaboration with Danger Mouse, the DJ most renowned for his

Gorillaz - Demon Days. Damon Albarn's finest hour. I never really liked Blur that much back in the 90s, but they have grown on me a bit too.

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Dirty Harry Track 5 on the album Demon Days Album: Demon Days Artist: Gorillaz Song: Dirty Harry I do NOT own the Gorillaz, their music or their pictures.

Gorillaz -I think the Teen Titans one is cool. Lol Cyborg and Russel could b like brothers lol

adventure time gorillaz regular show gorillaz southpark gorillaz idk :( teen titans gorillaz idk D: uhm. my little pony gorillaz? xD regular NAILED IT

Jamie Hewlett & Kidrobot Gorillaz Demon Days [2D, Noodle, Russel, Murdoc]

MAY Kidrobot and artist Jamie Hewlett have combined to present the platinum selling rock band, Gorillaz' vinyl figures. The vinyl figure release will coincide with the launch of Gorillaz' much anticipated second album, "Demon Days".