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Lol I love the tan one, like “She had gorgeous biscotti eyes flecked with eggnog” idk why but describing colors as food is really funny to me

Sexy Wedding Dresses for the Modern Bride: Timeless and Elegant

Sexy wedding dresses are synonym of beauty, elegance & a touch of dare. Look stunning by baring just a little bit of skin on a gorgeous gown!

20+ Gorgeous Boho Wedding Décor Ideas on Pinterest

Boho style wedding is quite appealing these days not only because they are cool and relaxed but also lies in that it’s the synonym of easy and free. It always symbolizes for romance, which makes the boho wedding ideas more adorable.

30 Impossibly Cozy Places You Could Die Happy In

The cradle chair for fetal position sleepers - this just might convert me to napping!

y'all white people gotta know this<-- some Latinos and/or Hispanics are white. Like white, hispanic, spaniards

Top 12 Designer Studios In Coimbatore Are Showing The Brides What 'Wedding Trends' Are! - Part 1

Well, some fashion, a bit of tradition, a tweak of ‘diva’ and a whole lot of style! That’s what wedding trends are made of in words. You need to step into one of these Designer Studios to know how .

Chinese Laundry Calvary Powder Blue Suede Lace-Up Sandals

Timeless style and everyday ease join together in the Chinese Laundry Calvary Powder Blue Suede Lace-Up Sandals! Suede laces cross and tie above the ankle.

God gives the righteous desires of man’s heart, right?