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A silver, gold, enamel and diamond brooch, c.1900, in the form of a swallow, symbol of the return of love.

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Halloween Makeup, Halloween Masks & Special Effects Prosthetics :: Half Bite Prosthetic - special fx

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She hadn't known what to expect when he lifted his shirt. But the sight took her breath away. There, on his shoulder blades, where the only things that had liberated him was replaced by the green and black and blue bruises across his skin. "Emma? You still there?" His voice was pained which tore her heart. "Mhm." It was hard to speak. Hard to look away. "I'm alright. It doesn't hurt. I've had it worse." She gaped. Worse? "How could this happen?" She whispered. "Better me than you."

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Human Body Facts - PiR Resourcing Human Physiology - Fun facts about the cardiovascular system, an incredible machine in the human body.

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Day 9 of Mehron's 31 Days of Halloween...check out our website for more detailz!!!!

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Marc Clancy Self taught special effects makeup artist and designer from Melbourne, Australia. Check out his instagram (username powdah) here (he has step by steps! well worth the follow)

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