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The Gordon Ramsay Drinking Game! I'd be in a coma after one episode on Kitchen Nightmares Repinned by

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Please can we draw some needed attention to how wonderful Gordon Ramsay is towards children. And y'know, yes he's really coarse and strict in Hell's Kitchen because he's putting them through the wringer to find the best, but in the shows where he helps people (Hotel Hell, Kitchen Nightmares etc.) he's not like that. He'll drop an f-bomb or yell if someone is being really incompetent or stubborn but other than that he's polite, calls people darling, and HELPS them, I love Gordon Ramsay so…

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Gordon Ramsay showing Ellen how to safely chop vegetables, ends up cutting his finger badly

I absolutely love how Gordon Ramsay can go from a complete adorable sweetheart to children to a pissed off Swedish Chef in like five seconds XD

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Sometimes I'm Gordon sometimes I'm the person who microwaved a salad there is no in between

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Hamburger do chef Ramsay e chips de Batata-Doce

Aqui há uns tempos vi um programa com o chef Gordon Ramsay, "Kitchen Nightmares", no qual ele visita restaurantes que estão à beira da fa...

Amy's Baking Company : Epic Meltdown After Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

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