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Gop Meaning

#Quotes by The #Dalai #Lama - Love and compassion comes from the Heart. To show your Heart, you got to first be in your Heart. - from


Trump is President, but Americans didn’t actually vote for him . Donald Trump has won the US Presidency without actually winning the majority of votes. This is because the American system works on an electoral college format, which means the country’s fate really lies in the hands of just 538 people. November 9 2016 #Bernie4President2020


pronunciation | ka-kis-‘to-kra-sE #kakistocracy, english, origin: greek, noun, i don't like political words, not going to post very many, politics, government, republican, democrat, democrats, republicans, congress, words, otherwordly, other-wordly, definitions, K,


So you know what that means.....PIN, PIN, PIN!!! Narcissistic, Vain, POS.

from Mail Online

FBI knew about Weiner laptop emails weeks

Republican FBI Director seems to really need a review of what it means to be non partisan. Publicly announcing the emails before ever reviewing them. Then to top it off waiting until the last minute to start to reviewing them to insure a level of suspicion would exist through Election Day.


I don't trust either of them but trumps definitely the better choice and has actually done some good rather then announcing war with Russia, I wonder how long he will live tho, now he's reopening the case of 9/11, before he has an "accident" or "commits suicide"...

from Washington Post

Republicans planning stealth attack on Social Security, Democrats fear