Excel Timeline Template - Make a timeline for an ancestor or family to show their place in history. Free download and instructions.

How to make a timeline in EXCEL -Timeline template example showing events in the life of Benjamin Franklin

Roundhouse clusters - to add on as many small round parts your family needs.

Roundhouse Cluster

COB - Roundhouse / Dome Cluster Plan Secondary domes to add bathrooms/closets.

Hardanger - http://www.pennycornell.co.uk/Hangings/Hardanger-House-full.jpg

This concept would be fun to do with each window having a small photo of ancestors. and the house being a BIT larger so you could have a sort of "family tree' in the form of a house.

Why are we the food police when it comes to what people can and can't eat? Why do we expect all women to look the same?

I really like this image and how the writing/text is stuck/moulded to her face in the photograph. I also like the message this image portrays and the effect it will have on people. The dark/dull colours also relate to the scene from the image.

star wars ship | Capital Ships image - Ultimate Empire at War Mod for Star Wars ...

Imperial Capital Ships image - Ultimate Empire at War mod for Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption


Christian Living - The Official Team SparkTeam

door overhang design

Overhang on front door Side Door Detail Shingle Style Entryway Front Facade by Anne Decker Architects

This is "Clatria" similar to the mythical god Gia, she loves nature and animals, she has many spells that keep her and her friends from harm. She is old as the wood but as beautiful as new sunshine ~

Nature Spirits - Elves and Fairies of the Forest

Laura Sava, cover artist for Witch Fall and Winter Queen. She's fast, affordable, easy to work with, and her art is beautiful.