YSK How create a Custom Travel Map with Google Maps. Great for vacations and history projects

How to Create a Custom Travel Map with Google Maps {New Google My Maps Tutorial}

Learn how to use Google Maps offline without data or wifi. Save money on data and time getting lost! Click through to find out how.

How to Use Google Maps Offline Without Data or Wifi

You might not get good cell service when hiking in Central Oregon. Here's how to stay safe on the trails.

Decided. I'm going to make map coasters (printed from Google maps) of places we've visited together. #DIY #birthday #gifts

DIY Map Coasters: Three Sisterz: D. Map Coasters Make them with maps of places you've been!

How-To: Google Maps Throw Cushion

How-To: Google Maps Throw Cushion

Traveling to Rome, Italy? Then you'll find this list of 30 places to eat in Rome handy thanks to tips by insiders | BrowsingRome

30 Places to Eat in Rome: Insiders reveal their favorites

Traveling to Rome, Italy? Then you'll find this list of 30 places to eat in Rome handy thanks to tips by insiders BrowsingRome

When you look up a city on Google Maps, a little red icon shows you exactly where the center of that city is – and it even casts a shadow, making it seem as if it’s a part of the cities itself. Noticing that little detail, artist Aram Bartholl decided to bring these digital elements into the real, three-dimensional world.

German artist Aram Bartholl is interested in the interplay between internet, culture and reality. His public space installation, 'Map', was.


The Hunger Games Catching Fire Quarter Quell Arena Set Picture, Guide. The Quarter Quell arena present in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire from the F

Experience landmarks from all around the world with photo tours in Google Maps. Lean back while you fly around these 3D photo tours showing the best views of popular landmarks.

It's popcorn (the full fat kind of course), pretzels, peanuts (or any nut of your choice), rice chex cereal, & fritos mixed together with almond bark melted & mixed in. Sounds crazy but it is so freaking good!

Social apps like Foursquare / Swarm are more about places you’re at or where you’re going. Today, the Google Maps team launched a feature called “Your Timeline” that is about where you’ve already been. It’s not a social feature, as you’re the only one who sees the information…  But…  …It’s a reminder of how much freaking data Google has on us if we leave all of our defaults on. It’s only available for Android and desktop right now. If you use Google Photos, your pics will appear along with…

Google Knows What You Did Last Summer, Now Shows It To You In Google Maps

Your Timeline: Revisiting the world that you’ve explored