Invite a bunch of people over (or just yourself) and make a kickass blanket fort. | 29 Life-Saving Things To Do When You're Bored

Invite a bunch of people over (or just yourself) and make a kickass blanket fort.

Automatically thought of hake from adventure time "makin bakin pancakes bakin pancakes"

So Bored In Class

Funny pictures about Bored In Class. Oh, and cool pics about Bored In Class. Also, Bored In Class photos.

{.... must have been why one received the "found someone similar"! Yes... Google is A GREAT PLACE! CK!}

I get bored 2 easily. with things,people,places,activities etc.

What to do when you're bored

96 Things to Do When You're Bored

Lounging around with nothing to do? Read on for 96 things to do when you're bored and quell your restlessness for good.

Google tips and tricks if you are bored. yes, you are thankful for this | Please…

Dump A Day Random Pictures Of The Day - 61 Pics I tried these but found that only two of them worked on my Mac computer. The Zerg rush (which is quite fun actually) and the Atari breakout

what to do when your bored - Google Search

School Holidays have started; teachers all over the Australia are excited and parents are dreading hearing that annoying phrase “I’m bored!” Last week I shared an epic list of Things to do

not all those who wander are lost.. J.R.R. Tolkien in Tengwar script.

not all those who wander are lost. Tolkien in Tengwar script. Yup it's gonna happen

0612-101-Bored-Things making this! And Allie and I are going to make a prayer bucket of sticks like my mom has...but we're gonna put faces on the tops of the sticks so the kids can see who they're praying for too:)

10 summer activities for kids! one of the activities - 101 Things to Do if You're Bored pail

Google I'm feeling lucky "Easter Eggs"

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Comment to join. None in the pic are available. WE ONLY NEED GUY FCs BECAUSE WE HAVE TO MANY GIRL FCs

My New Year Resolutions as an Article Writer 2015

Funny pictures about Websites drawn as characters. Oh, and cool pics about Websites drawn as characters. Also, Websites drawn as characters.

Fill a jar with summer boredom busters (PRINTABLE INCLUDED ON THIS POST).  Some of the activities are fun, some of them are not, so before your kids decide to have you entertain them, they really need to decide if its worth it or not!  They might get

The Mom I'm Bored Jar Printable

“Mom I’m Bored” Jar. The perfect Summer Boredom Buster! Has both fun things and chores so kids better be absolutely sure they are out of ideas before asking mom to entertain them!