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blackacequeen: “ The ADD/ ADHD Iceberg: Only of an iceberg is visible. Most of it is hidden beneath the surface. “The Top Of The Iceberg: (The Obvious ADD/ADHD behaviours) ” Hyperactivity:

Question 4. b) Googe glass can help student/people with learning disabilities. If there are people with a hard time remembering this well then Google glass can help, with permission from students and teachers they can record classes so any info the missed they will have in the video. #techofglasses

This method of presentation would be transformative, reshaping classrooms into experiential learning theatres.

Christmas Elf Classroom Door Decoration | Reindeer door pinned by Southern Outdoor Cinema via Pinterest

Idea for a door decoration for your movie night - Southern Outdoor Cinema expert tip for theming and enhancing a movie night at school.

Googe Drive – a complete user guide including how to use it alongside Google+

What is Google Drive? - a complete user guide

for agendas- "Taken" from Mrs. Googe's 1st grade class :)

for agendas- "Taken" from Mrs.