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Goodnight Messages For Him

Inspirational Goodnight Quotes for him or her

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NightVale Tweets : I like to think this is how Cecil promotes the NightVale coffee shop on mornings when they tell him they've already run out of Pumpkin Spice Lattes.


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Unfortunately for Amadou Diallo, Night Vale was wrong. Diallo was minding his own business when a tragic series of events led him to being shot by four NYPD officers forty-one times. This tragedy happened because of a high-arousal moment that led to the officers' thin-slicing abilities to become compromised. Gladwell explains that they were essentially "blind" during the chase and ensuing shootings.


I wish I could see you, I wish I could see your eyes staring into mine again. I wish I could feel your palm on my cheek then on my hair then the back of my head, pulling me closer to kiss me :/ fuck you pain.