Goodbye song for kids

How cute is this song for when kids leave pre-school/school each day! So adorable!!

ELG - Language and Communication Development in Infants - Arrival/Departure - The older infant demonstrates a response to favorite songs, stories, or people. - The Goodbye Song uses a happy tune to sing goodbye while waving, (a non-verbal gesture).

Preschool Poem--End of year - change preschool to kindergarten

making me tear up already just thinkinf about it. Preschool Poem--End of year awww perfect graduation speech for my kiddies. It's going to be very hard to read this to them.

Good Morning - Good Morning Song for Circle Time - Children’s Songs by The Learning Station - YouTube

Our popular good morning song for children, “Good Morning”. From the CD, “Brain Breaks Action Songs: Let’s Move!” Brain Breaks Action Songs: Let’s Move!

Graduation Songs for Preschool & Kindergarten - Preschool Inspirations

Graduation Songs for Preschool & Kindergarten

Dear Preschool Parents, Teachers and Directors, Planning your school's graduation celebration and need something to make it really special? We have a package.