Lemons in my backyard. A little lemon in anything-- tea, sauteed veggies, even some tequila-- goes a long way. Plus, it's cleansing and good for the body. I love the shape of lemons and how they look hanging on my tree

Tequila Cupcakes, delicious

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Tequila Brands - Best Bottles of Tequila - Lowland Extra Añejo - Cabo Uno: Layers of vanilla and upfront spice easing into a mellow finish; approx. cost $250.

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Become an instant expert by browsing these quintessential (and tasty) examples of the eight ambassadors of tequila (Esquire article 2014)

A few weeks ago, we took an hour and a half out of a busy Wednesday to sit at a table covered with little stemmed glasses of tequila. Our entirely altruistic purpose: to identify perfect examples of each of the eight types of quality — that is, 100 percent agave — tequila. It comes in four official aging categories, which you'll find on the label: blanco, reposado, añejo, and the relatively new extra añejo. - Esquire.com

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Cuervo Tradicional: Figs and chocolate — great value; $25. Aged one to three years in oak barrels (usually old bourbon ones). - Esquire.com

Harry Shotters. The "Demintor" sounds good, but it's an abomination to mix anything with Jameson, and god forbid, shoot it!!!
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