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Yup, and I am sick and tired of putting up with not enough of my needs being met. I have lost a lot, and I am sick and tired of waiting around for something that might never happen... since excuses keep being made. Children of abuse are able to put up with more inappropriate behavior, and I have waited fucking long enough. This is fucking bullshit.

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Maybe what I want seems far-fetched, but it's better to dream than just being a zombie isn't it? If you just go through life limiting yourself and others by squishing out dreams, you might as well have never existed anyway.

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I'm so happy you could visit! All time faves! | A community of Schnauzer lovers!

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Dog pictures with funny captions ~ Funny Pictures and wallpapers

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Shetland Pony - I see Moon and when Isabella saw it she said "It's Moon! You take a picture of Moon! I see her, right here!"

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