Ex Machina. See also http://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2015/04/ex-machina-review/390147/

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Forbidden Planet poster by Laurent Durieux this was a really good old sci fi film. #film movie #cinema #posters

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Fun movie, nothing like the book, thank goodness, what a slow mo that would have been

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The Time Machine (1960) dir. by Guy Pal (Conquest of Space, War of the Worlds). I remember sitting down and watching with my mom when I was about ten. The morlocks ver very scary but I had a crush on Yvette Mimieux. Great steampunky H.G. Wells movie.

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I find that around most people, I'm INFP, with some, I'm INFJ, and with a small few I'm INTP... I think I'm a little confused...

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