<<<But...great balls<<<Is it just me or does it look like dragonite is throwing the pokeball

New PokeMon on

one time i was playing pokémon go and a pikachu came up and i had no pokeballs😭 the good part is that i already HAD one, so it wasn't that big of a deal

Cutieee! My first origami; good tutorial; came out well!!

Origami Pikachu Tutorial - Cute Origami Pokemon!

Learn how to make a cute Origami Pikachu! This three-dimensional origami pokemon is in a sitting position and will happily keep you company on your desk!

Omg I would totally buy this

13 Things From The Pokémon Series You Can Actually Own


Micronation Ladonia has been taught how to introduce himself properly, and he knocked down Sverige (Sweden)!

Some knitted Pokémons

Funny pictures about Some Knitted Pokémons. Oh, and cool pics about Some Knitted Pokémons. Also, Some Knitted Pokémons photos.

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PIKACHU LOVE CARD Pokemon go greeting card - I choose you - nerd couple geek - cute - anniversary - I love you - Nintendo - naughty -


Top 10 World’s Most Expensive Pokémon Cards 2017

Top 10 World’s Most Expensive Pokémon Cards 2015 - Pouted Online Lifestyle Magazine

oh my goodness yes<<<<< I NEED THIS

Not a Fearow

Part 1: http://pokemonmeme.com/image/297/mimikyu-variants-part-1

-(response to dresses) *whole face brightens* Michael! Of course you can! *wraps arms around* *smiles* Oh, goodness, was that what it was? Of course you can! I'm so happy right now! That you told me! Why are you so happy?

This is so me, it's not even funny. Jk, yeah it is. Lmao.

Saving in games

There is no "too many saved games" Futurama funny pics jokes. When it comes down to important stuff, you can never be sure enough.

fave team rocket trio things [source: wendycorduroy.tumblr.com] - YEEEES! All of this ^^^^^

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Team Rocket is basically perfect. New idea: Pokémon anime but just team rocket instead of ash

Look how small the eevee is!!!  Adorable!!! ...  umbreon, eevee, pokemon

Look how small the eevee is! umbreon, eevee, pokemon<<< oh god I didn't even notice Eevee at first.