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This is the colour scheme that i wanted to carry froward onto my booklet design. It looks very expensive and majestic especially with the foil blocking. I also wanted to print my poster on the same kind of paper that is used here. Doing it on this kind of paper is very striking and really drives home the idea of the penny being expensive and not cheap

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Oven-baked leek & bacon risotto

Oven-baked leek & bacon risotto - Made this for tea tonight. Normally I can't be bothered to hover over a risotto even though I love them but baking it is awesomely easy and this particular one is delicious!

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Penny Stocks 101 #infographic #Stock #PennyStock

house mouse cards | for my card i started with the dark brown card stock same i used for ...

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Candy Sticks always in stock at Sweet Tooth Candy & Gift Co. Tulsa, OK 918-712-8785 We Ship

My good friend Penny taught me how to make these wonderful centre step cards that stand up beautifully for display. You can make these car...

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Getting Started With Penny Stocks

Becoming a good investor doesn't happen overnight. If you'd like to diverse your portfolio and invest in penny stocks, here's what you need to know first.

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The Best Online Brokers for Beginners in the Stock Market

New to the stock market? Here's our tips and comparisons for the best online brokers for beginners.

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