Lots of childhood memories here! I remember these boxes as well as the TV ads "The best to you each morning!"

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Ron Ely as Tarzan, 1966 with Jai(Manual Padillar jnr..sadly no longer with us)

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Philip and Gordon in the Broom Cupboard! TV was soooo expensive back then.... ;)

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Dick Dastardly and Muttley - I've never been a big fan of anything Hannah Barbera, but you have to give it up for these guys. Two of the best voices in cartoon history and their chemistry was pretty good too!

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Kentaro as Issei/Icchan on Good Morning Call Look at this qtpie omgggg I’ve been spamming a lot of Daichi posts from Good Morning Call. Let me sidetrack, and present to you Issei! Damn boy, I’m now torn between Daichi and Icchan. HEEEELPPPP.

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