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Just remember, guys, what you use to charm a girl into your arms, is what you have to do to KEEP her there. Girls need security from their guys, whether they admit it, like it, or not. If you're not willing to own up to her disappointment with you after you forget to be consistent with these things, then DON'T do them in the first place; because WE WILL remember...

from Foursquare

Good morning love!! Woke up thinking about you.. love I miss you!! I need you more than you know!!! Have a good day and good luck!! I love you and hope you get a chance to pin or text!!


Good morning, beautiful :) feels good to finally wake up and smile thinking about you after the last 9 mornings of tears. I love you so much baby. Hope you slept well and I hope you have a good day! I miss you!