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A good loyal woman is one of the greatest things a man can have in his life. But it takes a man to realilze that.

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A good man will want you to shine, to be your amazing self, loves to show off his happy, intelligent, amazing, powerful woman. #gentleman #love #inspiring

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Parenting without a spouse

This is so true. Breakups are hard and it is so hard to see in the moment. But one day, you'll find a man who loves you for you. Nothing is better :)

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A drop of history: Gandhi's blood from assassination spot sells for £12,000 at auction

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Lol, I was just thinking I went and got 2 I want to give myself a time-out for having no self control and wasting six dollars. Good times.

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'Who Hired A Stripper?' This Female Welder Proves Why We Still Need Feminism In 2015

I need feminism because..."Who hired a stripper?" --- This really sucks. I am so angry for her. It is way too common for women to be compared to strippers or prostitutes, no matter what profession, as if that's all women are good for.

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