A Guide to Toronto's Best New Shops, Restaurants, and Hotels

Colorfully stocked shelves enliven the Italian restaurant Terroni.Check out our guide to the best shops, restaurants, and hotels in Marrakech, Morrocco Satisfy your wanderlust in eco-friendly style with AD’s guide to green hotels

Fail-Proof Pizza Dough

Fail-Proof Pizza Dough and Cheesy Garlic Bread Sticks. Don't be intimidated by pizza dough. Just go to the store and pick up a bag of prepared pizza dough, defrost it, and you're all set.

One Pot Chicken Alfredo

minus the bacon! This easy and creamy One Pot Chicken Alfredo is ready in about 30 minutes - and tastes just as good as a dish that you'd order at your favorite Italian restaurant. Even better? Everything - including the pasta - is cooked in just one pot!

Zuppa Toscana Soup

You don't have to go out to your favorite Italian Restaurant to enjoy restaurant style soup at home! Zuppa Toscana Soup is a quick and easy soup - delicious!

THE Best Crusty Bread (Dutch Oven)

the perfect Crusty Bread recipe. You know, the kind you find in great Italian restaurants that have a gorgeous crackly crust and a chewy inside, perfect for dipping in olive oil. 10 min prep, rest overnight, then bake in cast iron pot

The Best Italian Restaurants in San Diego

Here are the best damn places to eat pizza in San Diego, from thin-crust slices to deep-dish pies.

These stuffed pork chops are SO good, inspired my a meal I had at a local Italian restaurant stuffed with prosciutto, mozzarella and baby spinach then topped with garlic and breadcrumbs. minus the breadcrumbs

The Best Italian Restaurants in San Diego

Fail-Proof Pizza Dough and Cheesy Garlic Bread Sticks

Cucina 24 on Wall St. in Downtown Asheville.